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In addition to our main 17-ha campus at 1 Vo Van Ngan Street, Thu Duc District, we have another 4.5-ha campus at 484 Le Van Viet Street, District 9, HCMC. We are planning to establish a new 80-ha campus in Dalat, LamDongProvince.

UTE provides students with adequate facilities in a creativeness-inducing learning environment, giving each and every individual the opportunities for study and practice.

The University library has spacious reading rooms with sufficient publications and periodicals for study and research needs – 26,092 titles of books with 299,247 copies, 253 titles of newspapers and magazines, averaging 115 titles of books per one program of study. Library management and services have been computerized and modernized to meet the ever-increasing needs of the readers.

Recently, the University has heavily invested in modern practice and experiment equipment. We now have 72 practice workshops (12,708m2) and 20 laboratories (1,908m2), enough for our present training needs.

We have installed 1,363 computers; 944 of these are for teaching, learning and research; the remaining 419 are for management and administration. Our computer systems are regularly upgraded. Our local network operates reliably at 512 Kbps; the ADSL lines enable high-speed networking and Internet access.

We have 150 classrooms with a total area of 9,698m2, each varying in size from 64m2  to 175m2  to suit specific training needs (averaging 6,66m2 per student). New buildings to be constructed include a CentralBuilding with 30,000m2 of floor area, a HighTechnologyCenter with over 5,000m2 of floor area, and a Multi-purposeClassroomBuilding with over 4,000m2 of floor area.

For 7 consecutive years 2002 – 2009, UTE’s dormitory has been granted the title “City-level Cultural Unit“.

For sporting activities, we have a football field (12,600m2), 7 volleyball courts (756m2); a tennis court (240m2); and a sporting event hall (720m2).

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