Faculty of Political Ideology
[Đăng ngày 13/08/2011]

1. Faculty of Political Ideology (FPI)

The Faculty
The Faculty of Political Ideology (FPI), previously named Faculty of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s Ideology, is responsible for providing students with political, ideological and physical education.
FPI has 16 faculty members and comprises three departments: Department of Basic principles of Marxism-Leninism, Department of Ho Chi Minh’s Ideology and Revolutionary policy of the Vietnamese Communist Party, and Department of Physical education.

2. Training
FPI is in charge of delivering lectures on political ideology, social sciences and humanities (Sociology, Introduction to Law, Logic, Fundamentals of Vietnamese Culture, …), and physical education.
Scientific research
FPI undertakes research in political ideology, social sciences and humanities and physical education.
– Finished Ministry-level project: “The current state of our students’ morality and the changing trend”
– University-level projects: teaching and learning methodology, students’ personalities and physical constitution.

3. Development guidelines
– Gradually upgrade and standardize the teaching staff qualifications to meet the University’s training and research needs
– Offer a new program: Bachelor in Political Education

Assoc. Prof. DOAN DUC HIEU, Ph.D.Head
Tel. 84 8 37224542
E-mail: ddhieu@hcmute.edu.vn

Deputy Head
Tel. 84 8 37224542
E-mail: nguyen.dinhca@yahoo.com
Office phone: 84 8 37221223 (227)

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